Belzona 9631

Wichtige technische Daten:
Working life
1.5min at 40°C/104°F
3min at 20°C/77°F
6min at 10°C/50°F
12min at 5°C/41°F
Tensile shear adhesion:
Wet/dry mild steel:
990/750psi (6.8/5.2MPa)
Wet/dry copper:
850/330psi (5.9/2.3MPa)
Wet/dry SS:
1949/980psi (7.2/6.8MPa)
Wet/dry GRP:
0/360psi (3.4/2.5MPa)
Tensile shear adhesion (Immersion):
1170 psi / 8.1 MPa after 1000 hours immersion at 40°C/104°F
Heat resistance (HDT):
66°C/150°F at 20°C/68°F
Flexural strength:
23.8 x 103/165MPa
Pressure retention capability:
On a 76mm/3-in dia pipe, prepared to SSPC-SP11, with a defect up to 6mm diameter, typical value for Belzona 9631 tested as a nine-layer wrap will be 100 psi/7 bar.
Shelf life:
2 years

Cure Times:

Belzona 9631 will be hard in 60-90 minutes at 68°F (20°C) but curing will take longer in dry climates or cold temperatures.

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